Porsche 964RS Clubsport finished in black extremely rare color
"Solid Black" comes into stock
In 1992, the factory produced a Light weight, built around a lightened and stiffened. seam welded body shell, the 964RS was also stripped of all creature comforts in order to reduce weight to just 1230kgs, compared to the standard Carrera 2 which weighted 1380kgs.
the "Clubsport" were further stripped out with all carpets and soundproofing removed. front carpets were replaced with plywood footboards, a full welded cage was fitted, and seats were Nomex-covered rather than leather. a total of just 290 were made.
it was fitted with a revised version of the standard engine which is M64/03 and had increased power output of 260hp along with a light weight flywheel coupledto the G50/10 gearbox with closer ratios, asymmetrical limited slip diff and steel synchro, original magunesium wheels
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